How to build an Intercooler Pipe Pressure Leak Tester

Parts Needed:

Note that if you have a larger turbo, the sizes of the end cap and hose may need to be larger in order to fit the turbo inlet.

    To assemble, just put everything together as shown.


    To assemble, just put everything together as shown.


    To get the valve stem in, I had to drill a hole in the PVC cap.

To use it, just remove the intake pipe from your turbocharger inlet, and attach this in its' place.

Now you need to hook something up to the valve stem to pressurize the intake so you can listen for leaks.  I use a 7 gallon air tank I got from Walmart, I just fill it up with air at the local gas station.  You can also use a simple bike pump.

If you have a manual boost controller hooked up, you might want to plug off its' intake hose, as they leak a lot of air, making it hard to pinpoint the real leak.

Pressurize the system, and listen all over for leaks.  Make sure you or a friend listens under the bumper too, wherever there is IC piping.

A leak will be obvious, they make a loud hissing sound.

You might want to have a friend check out your boost gauge while you are pressurizing things, to make sure you don't put too much pressure on things.  (20 psi should be safe, or whatever you run safely for boost)

Places I have heard of leaks occuring:

Pictures and Text by Brent Cook

Idea for tester from Josh Wingell

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