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The factory was kind enough to include the cruise control lever in a very nice location right on the steering wheel. And it is very nice until you replace the factory wheel with an aftermarket one (for racing only, of course) - then it's good-bye cruise. Until now.

Obligatory disclaimer - By performing this mod you are 110% responsible for anything that breaks, explodes, detonates, flies apart, or otherwise becomes a certified piece of crap. You have been warned.

I used a Grant wheel, and their adapter for the 1g will work on the 2g. You're on your own as far as the actual replacement procedure - this FAQ is about relocating the cruise control.

FYI - There really isn't much here because the VAQ was more of an afterthought than anything. But this should be enough info for you DSM'rs who think Home Depot is an auto parts store.

All right, onto the meat and spuds.

The lower panel of the column is easy to remove - especially with the wheel off. Inside there is some white plastic in the lower RH corner that, if you fiddle around a bit, will accept the cruise lever from the factory wheel. It will have to go in at a bit of an angle, CCW from horizontal.
Once you have it fitted up, you will need to drill a couple holes that match the top and LH tab on the cruise lever. The lower tab will need to be removed. Drill and mount the lever with a couple screws/bolts/zip ties/etc. The hole sizes you drill will depend on the mounting equipment you use.

Be careful drilling the white plastic - it's quite brittle!

OK, now hold the lower cover up and fiddle around with it to get a good idea where you are going to cut your hole. Then take measurements for how far back and down the lever is, and how big the lever itself is. Transfer these to the lower plastic using tape/marker/fat crayon/whatever. How you cut your hole is up to you, but I used a dremel with a metal saw blade, a flat file with teeth on the edges, a combo rasp/bastard file for major plastic removal, and a couple sizes of rat-tails.

Wasn't that fun?

Connect the wiring harness to the lever (again, you decide how - I used vamp clips) and reinstall the cover.
Thar' she is in all her glory. I filed the top and bottom of the hole round to match the existing hole for the w/w stalk (sorry about the glare).

It's a little different reaching for it at first, but you get used to it.

The only bad thing about this mod is there is no going back on the plastic - it's got a hole forever. So if you go back to the stock wheel, you'll need to buy a new lower cover. Or, if you do a good enough job, just leave it and no one will know any better. Heh.